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Tuesday Rambling 12.1.15 – Violence at Planned Parenthood


A little frustrated – time to ramble:

  • So some people say that opposing Planned Parenthood leads to this kind of violence.
  • Let me say first and foremost I condemn killing at an abortion clinic.
  • But if I oppose abortion it does NOT mean I’m in the same camp as the guy who does kill at an abortion clinic.
  • Challenge: Do we know the politics of what happened? Or, do we know anything about the people involved?
  • So many times we’re willing to talk politics and forget to grieve. People – real, live, human beings, lost their lives in the attack. And all we want to talk about is politics?
  • One person on Twitter pointed the finger at Carly Fiorina. They made the connection that because she used harsh language to oppose Planned Parenthood harvesting baby parts (did I just type that?), then she should “own” part of the attack, or at least the motivation behind it.
  • I heard the media use the term “bloodbath” to describe the attack. Again, the attack was horrible and that may be an appropriate use of terms.
  • But to ignore what happens at Planned Parenthood, refusing to cover stories about the organization’s documented killing of babies and harvesting of their body parts for profit?
  • Can we condemn all killing equally? We should. But we live in a culture where our media refuse to do it.
  • We can’t grieve the loss of life without politicizing it. We can’t even call the loss of life the loss of life without politicizing it.
  • Lord, help us. Lord, have mercy. Lord, come soon.

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