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Tuesday Rambling 11.7.17 – About Guns In Church

Even though I don’t want to, some rambling about guns in church:

  • My #1 concern in this discussion: PLEASE don’t let the enemy use tragedy to divide.
  • Yes, well meaning believers see the issue of guns in church in different ways.
  • PLEASE seek understanding instead of division.
  • PLEASE pray as church leadership across the country will increasingly ask how they would plan to respond.
  • And PLEASE express sympathy and care before you jump into issues of security. To do otherwise is a horrible look.
  • Of course I lead a church and our church does and will, like many others, consider and develop plans of response. My goal with this post is not to determine church policy.
  • My concerns today have to do with understanding others who see things differently than we do.
  • Question: Am I prepared to love and minister with someone who sees the issue completely differently than I do? More questions…
  • What role does prayer have compared to the role of a weapon?
  • What weight do Jesus’ words regarding loving our enemies or turning our cheek carry compared to our desire to protect people?
  • Do we take into account the soul of the attacker?
  • How do we as believers think about mental illness and dealing with individuals struggling with mental problems?
  • Are we willing to take an honest look at risk, all possible factors, including even the unknown that accompanies having armed personnel?

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