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Tuesday Rambling 11.5.13

Blah blah blah . . . Tuesday Rambling!

It’s a Season

  • We have had a bunch of stuff break in our lives over the past few months! It really is a sign of how nothing is designed to last.
  • Although things breaking costs money, enduring the final breakdown (the death of our human body) without the long term security in Christ is a cost that is impossible to imagine.
  • When stuff is breaking and expenses pile up, it also causes you to trust God more.  That’s really an adventurous place.  For me, it’s way harder to trust God. The contentment you have with what God provides is really tested when things break down.


  • I’ve been challenged to think recently about God.  Do I want the benefits of faith in Jesus (forgiveness, provision, eternal life, Holy Spirit, etc.), or do I want Jesus? The Gospel really is a relationship with Jesus.
  • The benefits? Amazing, to be sure. But, a sure growth piece for me right now is just focusing on the relationship without the glorious benefits of being in that relationship. I’m not suggesting they’re separate or should be separated, I just don’t want to treat them separately (which has been my tendency if I really think about it).


  • We had a baby dedication service at our church Sunday.  Two babies were dedicated and there were a LOT of family members present.  It was heartwarming.  I think someone told me there were a total of 10 great grandparents who attended.
  • The Bible shows a pattern of God’s lineage and purposes being carried out through families.  It may not be as flashy as front-line evangelism, but it is definitely a huge part of God’s plan.
  • Using your home life to influence people for Jesus is an amazing way to point them to Jesus. The converse is true.  If you have an outward faith (church attendance, etc.), but no real faith at home, it will many times produce a family that is hardened toward God.


  • I have officially started using a prayer journal.  I am going to give it a try to see if it helps.
  • Two main goals for the journal:
  • 1) increased time in prayer (decreased time in stupid things) and
  • 2) better organization (such as remembering to pray for things I say I will pray for)

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