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Tuesday Rambling 11.4.14 – Key Questions on Hot Topics

There are always hot topics in life and society, aren’t there? Today I’ll name a few and then ask a key question or two.

Time to ramble!

Taking control of the process of death to avoid extended suffering:

Who’s in control, you or God? Do you trust man or God more?

Should we be able to kill anyone who is suffering because it’s the merciful thing to do?


What is in your heart as you think about people who are different from you?

Are you willing to build meaningful relationships across racial lines?


Are you able to be content where God has you in life? Can your singleness, engagement, or spouse bring your contentment and fulfillment? If not, why?

Are you willing to bring your views regarding sex under what God says, or deep down do you intend to do what you’re going to do and then try to jam God into your views somewhere?


How was your freedom to vote earned?


How does life come about?

When should life be protected?


The title of my blog is “Though Driven Action”. I cannot encourage you enough to THINK about major issues. Look to God, talk to others. Pray. And then act! I hope these questions today will help you think.

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