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Tuesday Rambling 11.3.15 – Election Day


Good morning.

I’m going to re-hash my post from September’s primary. Today I’ll share some ways I’m praying as election day has finally arrived.

From September:

Let me share some ways I’m praying today:

  • I’m praising God for the freedom we have to vote.
  • I also praise God for the expectation that power will change hands in peace following these elections. It’s a stunning aspect of our freedom we should never take for granted.
  • I’m praying for all candidates. Much is at stake personally for the men and women involved in this fall’s elections.
  • I’m praying that the inevitable divisiveness of contested races will heal, bringing more unified support and participation in Akron’s communities and the city as a whole.
  • I’m praying God will help us hope the best no matter the results.
  • I’m praying the results will increase our ability to live godly and peaceful lives. (I Tim. 2:1-2)
  • I’m praying I’ll remember God’s sovereignty and power over all elected officials – everywhere.
  • I pray winning candidates this fall will remember God’s authority and seek Him for great wisdom.
  • I pray believers will continue to have open and healthy communication in local government.


  • I pray for the moral character of our nation, and especially our state as it relates to policy.
  • I pray believers will engage their rights to vote.
  • I am particularly humbled today, knowing people who’ve gone before gave their lives so I have the right to vote.

Off to vote!

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