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Tuesday Rambling 11.29.16 – Please Consider Giving To This Worthy Cause!


It’s giving Tuesday. Time to ramble:

  • I’m asking you to consider giving to Kenmore Launch, an exciting new effort that can impact the lives of many young people in Kenmore.
  • You may ask why you should give to this. Good question.
  • First, let me link you to the website for this new effort in our neighborhood. On the site, you can gain basic knowledge and get a gist of how the program will work. A short video there will introduce you to the program’s director and give you a chance to hear his heart.
  • Personal reason #1: Great faith brings great works. I believe this program has a faith filled director who has great desire to partner with the local community for a potentially big impact on kids and families.
  • Personal reason #2: Kids and families. Families will have a solid option to have quality care for kids in the elementary age range. This will increase family stability and allow those who work to do so for more consistent hours.
  • Personal reason #3: Local believers desire the glory of God in our community. Several churches partnering sends a message: this effort possesses a united base. I’ve personally experienced amazing blessings through partnering with other believers.
  • Personal reason #4: Do you know one of the top proven factors in kids making it out of poverty? You don’t? Ok I’ll tell you! Kids stand a statistically MUCH LARGER chance of making it out of poverty when they have a relationship with a solid adult outside their home. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? By funding this program, you will help kids get that chance!
  • Personal reason #5:  This fund raising effort comes from a sound strategy. God has provided people and finances so far. An influx of money into this program in the coming days and weeks will build a base to not only empower great ministry as it begins after Christmas break. Additional funds now will also allow time for seeking and establishing more permanent funds.
  • Please give! Do so by going to the site. And by all means, let me know if you have any questions. I am a part of the group helping to get this ministry off the ground.

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