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Tuesday Rambling 11.28.17 – Confusing Politics and Christianity

A few rambling thoughts regarding accusations, Christians, and politics.

  • Are you disturbed by accusations against Roy Moore and those who continue to support him?
  • Let’s frame the discussion.
  • An accusation of sin victimizing someone should create a moment of pause for anyone.
  • To immediately dismiss accusations by discrediting accusers can minimize victims and prevent victims from speaking out.
  • If you are not a victim, please stop and consider the above point. It’s important.
  • Remember the Penn State scandal. Behavior continued due to control, intimidation, and willing cover up. Remember that. Controlling or bullying accusers can be no different than controlling victims as abuse goes on.
  • But to insist on supporting a politician in the face of not only criminal but blatantly sinful allegations suggests to me we give a chunk of ground.
  • Believers must have the ability to speak with moral clarity. This presented a dilemma for many in the past presidential election.
  • Switching gears…I’m also a bit disturbed how some lump all Bible believing people in with those who claim Biblical Christianity but support Moore.
  • I don’t deny many do that (some polls even suggest some evangelicals are more likely to support Moore in the face of allegations), but many evangelicals speak clearly and forcefully against the behavior and wish the allegations were taken more seriously.
  • We should take care regarding the label “evangelical”. The term presents a lot of confusion presently. How do you define it?
  • Please, take these heavy issues seriously. Slow down and exercise discernment that shows you care about Christ more than a candidate.

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