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Tuesday Rambling 11.26.13 – You live in Ohio, now act like it!

Tuesday. I’m up early and excited about the day.  Time for some rambling!

Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Today is our annual community Thanksgiving Dinner.  I doubt the snow will slow things down too much.  If you’re in the Kenmore area, don’t forget – 5:00 dinner at the community center! We’ll be there till 7:00, so come get a bite to eat.
  • Later in the week, most of America will give thanks in a very common form: eating. We will gather around and have a meal. A great big meal is indeed a great big way to give thanks to a great big God who provides so much.
  • If things are tight and your mouths are fed most of the time, it is still a great opportunity to thank God for all He provides. Which leads me to my next topic . . .

You live in Ohio, now act like it!

  • Probably a full post cooking for the future, but for now let me just say this: the negativity can really eat at me sometimes.
  • You live in Ohio.  You’re going to have crazy weather – act like it.  Drive like it. Let’s be grown ups here and remember we have a choice to live here!
  • People complain when it’s too hot, when it’s too cold, when this is wrong, when that seems out of place, blah blah blah!
  • It’s not that I never complain, but at some point even though it’s just fine to not like something, I question the wisdom in being so negative all the time that it brings others down.  I really think the more thankful you are, the easier it is to deal with things (and people) you don’t like. Hmmm…..


  • I just read a post at ESPN that had the top six Super Bowl contenders. What? No Browns!?!?!
  • The Browns are not a bad football team.  They just don’t have a quarterback.  When you don’t have a QB, you have no rhythm. It’s very difficult to have the most important position on the field changing every other game.


  • All Christians should make disciples.  I want to be a leader that gives practical ways for this to happen.
  • Here is a quote from Robby Gallaty, who I linked to in yesterday’s post: “I’ve come to realize that when people don’t know what to do, they don’t do anything.”
  • Not doing anything is NOT an option.  And, as a leader, leading in such a way that people do nothing is unacceptable as well.


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