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Tuesday Rambling 11.24.15 – The Hardest Things About Parenting

parenting shadow

Parenting is hard, isn’t it? Some challenging things:

  • Number one for me? The balance between grace and punishment. How do we punish fairly while reminding of our love and God’s?
  • I’m so glad God gets this perfectly right with us as believers.
  • I want our children to know God’s love and His truth.
  • I also think it’s hard to really know if I’m leading our children well spiritually.
  • How much do you press about devotions? How do you help them find joy in the routine without growing bitter about reminders to do it?
  • I know I can’t make our children believe or grow spiritually. But I also know I can hinder the process by apathy or inconsistency.
  • Are you like me? Do you pray regularly for their hearts to love Jesus?
  • I pray for great opportunities to share with our kids why it can be a struggle to follow Jesus and how sin sometimes¬†challenges my heart’s affections.
  • I find it difficult to know and take into account the uniqueness of each child. Is it a bad day, or more than that? It takes wisdom to know the difference.
  • Sometimes it feels like it takes a miracle to get them to talk about their struggles!
  • It takes wisdom to do what God does perfectly. It amazes me that as believers God knows every one of us all the time, loves us and guides us perfectly.
  • We will never be perfect, but let us as parents rely on the Lord to be in the lead always.

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