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Tuesday Rambling 11.19.13 – I’m A Shoplifter!

Ramble, ramble, ramble!!


  • Anyone else throw dirty, stinky diapers out their window and toward the trash can? We do.  Apparently, one (in a plastic bag) got stuck on our back roof.
  • After a short while of it laying there, it was removed yesterday 🙂
  • For that matter, anyone else throw anything out their window?

It’s True, I’m a Shoplifter!

  • I was trying on jackets at Target last night, and needed to try on a shirt underneath the jacket to see how it would fit.
  • I grabbed a shirt from the rack, put it on, tried the jacket on, made my decision, and put my other jacket on . . .
  • Then, I realized I still had the shirt on that I tried on . . .
  • When we were praying an hour later with our kids at home! I totally walked wearing a shirt from Target’s rack and never paid for it. Ugh.
  • For the record, Target is aware and I will be returning the shirt tomorrow morning.  I told Julie I’ll need the receipt, and she reminded me . . .
  • There isn’t one because you didn’t buy it!
  • I hope you enjoyed this story as much as we did.  Too funny.


  • No player is worth a 10 year contract, unless he is amazingly talented and less than 24 years old.
  • Baseball will be going to shorter contracts for a few more dollars, which keeps teams from being tied down to longer term deals.


  • If prayer or service are about the feeling we get from others responding to what we’re doing, then we’ve maxed out the reward we’ll get. That reward will be that others will like us or recognize us.
  • The element of faith is that we must pray, serve, give, etc. with an attitude that God will reward us in ways people can’t.  Then we understand the true nature of being rewarded (and in turn, the true nature of serving Him in the first place).
  • The bottom line? It’s for God’s glory, not ours!

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