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Tuesday Rambling 11.12.13

Time to ramble, I guess.  No problem!


  • I have been reading a very good book about anger.  One of the key things I’ve learned so far is that it must be against an actual (not perceived) sin and that it must be handled in a godly manner.
  • Another thing the book has focused on is our desires.  A study of the first part of James 4 is really helpful here.


  • Do you think technology has made communication more efficient? Sometimes I wonder. I wonder if we are more frustrated because technology promises instant access to information but it doesn’t bring us instant communication when we want it.
  • Are we spoiled by the technology and creating false frustrations?


  • We should always want our influence for Christ to increase, but what about materially? Do we really know how to be content with what God has given us? It’s hard to teach, but it is truly a joyful place to be able to trust in the Lord’s provision (good or difficult) each day.
  • “Each day has enough trouble of its own” – Jesus. Isn’t this a great call for us to ask God to increase our satisfaction with each day?

Parenting Classes

  • We have been getting some help from parenting classes. We have been struggling with setting expectations/discipline for Jocelyn and we were referred to a class that promised help.
  • The most difficult part of the classes has been trying to eliminate the words “no”, “don’t”, and “stop” from our vocabulary.  When we want to tell her no or stop doing something, we are being challenged to replace it with a positive command.
  • Lots of other things we’ve learned, but no space.  To say the classes have helped is a mild understatement.  We are definitely seeing progress and we’re very encouraged by that.

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