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Tuesday Rambling 11.11.14 – God IS Revealed, Grade Cards, Football

Tuesday. Time to ramble. And if you missed yesterday, see below for a fun week at my blog: 2014 blog giveaway week! Don’t miss your chance to win something we can all use.

God IS revealed.

  • In Romans 1 it clearly says that what can be known about God is revealed.
  • This is actually a huge point: either God is revealed or He is not.
  • This truth is foundational because either the truth is still out there and it’s up to us to find it, or God has revealed what we need to know and we should respond to it.
  • This is a huge dividing line in the way people think about/approach/worship God.
  • He is NOT entirely revealed (some things we are not privy to), but what we need to know regarding a relationship with God are made plain.
  • We should NOT be ashamed of this.
  • See Romans 1:16-19 for a good foundation.

Grade Cards

  • I’m interested in our kids’ progress reports from school.
  • Why is it that I usually scan for the lowest grade?
  • In doing this God shows me that I need to be more proactive to say “good job” where it’s deserved.
  • Working hard is important, but it can distort the way we approach God. We press on in service to God to earn a reward, but only AFTER we are saved by grace.
  • One thing we want to emphasize with our kids is to work hard in ALL areas. You don’t just give up on something because you’re not good at it.


  • I’m excited the Browns are in first place.
  • I’m excited the Buckeyes are in the conversation for the first-ever college football playoff.
  • I try to approach sports as somewhat of a diversion. It’s a past time that temporarily takes my mind off what can be some difficult realities.
  • When football takes the energy needed to stay fresh and passionate in my pursuit of Christ, then football will go.


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