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Tuesday Rambling 11.10.15 – Sexual Temptation

apple temptation

Many times I use Tuesday to focus on something light-hearted. Today, a heavier topic.

  • I will assume sexual temptation for the vast majority of humans.
  • I will also pass on describing the devastating effects.
  • If you have strong desire to act sexually outside the bond of marriage, you are being tempted to sin against a holy God.
  • Jesus allows us no wiggle room, even equating our thoughts with the sexual actions himself.
  • Temptation to sin sexually also means temptation to ruin lives besides your own.
  • Dabbling with sexual sin won’t succeed. Entertaining thoughts won’t lead to eliminating them.
  • Sinning through pornography requires you to look at other people who are either enslaved or sinning sexually themselves.
  • If these temptations come with power in your private moments, you need to know how to fight.
  • Fighting means combatting the lies of fulfillment outside God’s will with the truth of the satisfaction we find inside God’s will.
  • Fighting means staying involved in healthy ways – serving, committing to fellowship, establishing goals.
  • Fighting means treating people with great respect, bottling the expression of love for its appropriate time.
  • Sound like too much? God does not tempt us more than we can bear. He does give us truth, focus and strength to fight. We must ask and stand ready to engage our will in a most important fight.

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