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Tuesday Rambling 10.8.13

Let the rambling begin!


  • I get tired of trying to fix the same issue when I’ve been told it’s already fixed. I’m looking at you, car repair place! Let’s get this van fixed!

New experiences

  • Last week I went on an overnight with our oldest daughter’s school. I am usually a little tense in a new situation, but it went very well. I was glad to be a part of helping with the event.

Spiritual Growth

  • Growing spiritually requires that we participate in something only God can do. Chew on that and consider both parts of that statement.
  • Trying to encourage the spiritual growth of individuals without prayer is a guaranteed failure.


  • Browns win. We’ll see how many more now that Hoyer is out.
  • It kills me to say this, but I really don’t think the Red Sox will lose a series this postseason. So deep and so consistent.


  • So much of God’s plans for us involve the family. It is something that Satan has been great at distracting people from for a long time. If you are a believer and you think there is some way to glorify God WITHOUT putting your family first, then you’re mistaken!

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