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Tuesday Rambling 10.7.14 – Decision Making, Good and Bad of Extremes

A couple topics on my mind today. Time to ramble:

Decision making:

  • How do you make decisions? Scheduling social engagements, financial decisions, etc.?
  • Prayer is key. I think prayer can create those gut feelings to know when something is right or wrong.
  • I certainly don’t want to trust in myself.
  • We talk about creating a foundation for a decision.
  • A major financial decision in our home is never a surprise. We talk about our priorities and communicate them openly.
  • We talk timeline, budget, available cash, etc.
  • We talk through what we want and how we’d like things to turn out.
  • We do all this WAY BEFORE we really need to buy something.
  • That way, when the right deal comes along, we’re ready to act on it because we know what we want.
  • It’s kind of the same with calendar type stuff. I can schedule a night away with my own friends or with having friends over because we’re on the same page. Julie can do the same.
  • We can react to what our kids want to do because we’ve talked about it AHEAD OF TIME.
  • We both know our calendar pretty well so it helps us to make good decisions when the kids ask about things.
  • Simply put: we do everything we can do to avoid having to make snap decisions.
  • It’s a better use of time and energy and it creates less stress. It also reduces the probability of a fight over said stress.
  • Thoughts?

The good and bad of extremes:

  • I’m someone prone to extremes.
  • By this I mean the high of highs and the low of lows.
  • Example: I’ve seen the same band 10 times waiting for that one amazing show. (I’ve seen 2 or 3).
  • Example: The same guy who loves the rush of the roller coaster (literally) is prone to the lower ends of discouragement or depressing times.
  • Is this all bad? I can’t say I think so. I think some of it is personality type.
  • I’m not down on others who aren’t like me, I just need to know myself. I can’t complain about the lows or middling around waiting for the intense experience. I need to know that’s the way I am and be ready to deal with it.
  • The good is you really appreciate the best of the best when it happens.
  • The bad is the bad can be . . . really bad.
  • For me, it’s worth the risk. Part of my personality, I guess!

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