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Tuesday Rambling 10.31.17 – On Being White – Statistics Regarding Inequality

Time to continue rambling about race and justice:

  • Over the past two Tuesdays I’ve posted rambling involving my experience as a white male.
  • Today I’d like to share some statistics with one purpose:
  • Please think. I know not all stats are perfect. I know they have their flaws.
  • But what if, just what if, these stats reveal something about inequality and injustice in the country we love?
  • This article talks about pay, student debt, retirement, etc.
  • This article talks about attitudes and perceptions regarding equality.
  • This article shows a vast disparity in the Akron area regarding infant mortality.
  • This tweet is one in a series from yesterday that makes you think about how the interstate system has led to disparity in wealth. Reading the whole series will make you think.
  • This article has amazing photos about what highways did to amount of taxable land available. T
  • This concept has historically had direct racial implications.
  • My goal today was to put some information in front of you.
  • If you reject this information, you should have well thought out reasons as to why.
  • If you aren’t sure, continue to research.
  • If you’re convicted regarding this, think and pray regarding your response.
  • I struggle most on this last point (any response, let alone an effective one).

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