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Tuesday Rambling 10.29.13

Rambling, Bumbling, Stumbling . . . whatever! Here we go . . .

Gotcha Day

  • It has been one year to the day that we adopted Jocelyn.  She has been a big blessing in our lives.  We know she has a long way to go, but we know she is loved and she is a meaningful part of our lives!
  • We are grateful for everyone who has supported in thought, time, prayer, etc. throughout this journey with her.
  • Someone recently asked me why we ever decided to get involved in fostering with the possibility of adopting. I replied, “God.”

Spiritual Concern

  • I am most saddened  when I observe others try to navigate their lives without prayer, God’s Word, and God’s people.  Those three things will never solve everyone’s problems, but commitments in those areas (together) will give any human being a support system to adequately and graciously navigate problems.
  • I think it is good to know about negative things going on in society, so we can be aware. But, negative things are not the filter through which we should view things. Probably more to come later in the week on this.

Bible Truth

  • Love God, love others. This is a famous command Jesus gave.  But, it’s two commands. To separate these commands and focus more on one than the other is disastrous. Chew on that one.

Neat Experience

  • I went to a lunch/workshop with Josh, our church’s youth director last Friday.  It was put on in conjunction with a Christian concert and the focus was worship music and singing in church.
  • We got to sit at a table for lunch with Keith Getty, who has written several well known modern hymns such as “In Christ Alone” and “Speak, O Lord”.


  • Looks like my prediction of Red Sox in 6 games might come true – unfortunately.
  • I think it’s realistic that the Browns are 6-6 after their next four games.  Bold, I know, but I’ll be surprised if they don’t go at least 2-2 over the next four.  That would be 5-7.

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