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Tuesday Rambling 10.28.14 – Christian Education Tests, Wasting Time

It may seem like the two topics in the title are related, but they’re not. Time to ramble. It’s Tuesday!

Christian Education Tests

  • So I have to take a test this week for my Medieval Theology class.
  • In many ways I think taking tests and earning grades are like playing a game.
  • You play by the rules, you try your best, and the outcome will be what it will be.
  • I don’t like these games. Tests really don’t establish what you know or how you’ve been shaped by the class material.
  • For me, conversations do that. Re-inforcing things by talking about them, teaching them, or writing about them is what brings about lasting learning for me.
  • Most people dread writing the term paper, but I like the paper-writing exercise because it forces me to interact and explain in ways that no multiple choice answer ever will.
  • We will forget a large chunk of what we memorize for a test; it’s what we’ve processed that will stay with us.

Wasting Time

  • I don’t know about you, but I strongly dislike wasting time.
  • Example: one time last year we got called to an “important parent’s meeting” at the school regarding the class trip at the end of the year. They said nothing at the meeting that wasn’t clearly spelled out in the handouts we received.
  • I would much prefer: Here are the handouts with the info. Please call us if you have any questions.
  • I have to be careful though; hating the wasting of time can often lead to impatience. Sometimes “wasting time” is exactly what God wants me to do so I can see how superior His timing is to mine.
  • And the fruit of the Spirit is . . . patience . . .

Have a great Tuesday!

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