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Tuesday Rambling 10.27.15 – This Picture!!!

Check out this photo, then see some rambling thoughts about it below.


  • I took this picture Monday night (10/26) while hiking with our family.
  • I think the Metroparks in the Summit County area are an incredible asset to our region.
  • I love fall colors. The time of day was about an hour before dark.
  • I think I like the trees in the foreground and the color they add while still allowing a great look at the stunning fall colors in the background.
  • This trail is right in the middle of civilization, but when you hike it you feel miles away from normal life.
  • I love hiking and seeing sights like this. Why? Because God is Creator, and these types of images stir my soul to worship Him.
  • My only wish was that I had more time. Next time we go here I will have more time. The narrow trail made for a challenging hike as a steep cliff reminds you of close danger almost every step of the way.
  • We had a tight grip on our five year old as we navigated the trail, which had its share of bumpy terrain.
  • Did I mention we did the last 15 minutes in mostly dark conditions?
  • Praise God for a challenging hike and beautiful scenery that reminds me of His might!

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