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Tuesday Rambling 10.22.13

As usual, a bunch of thoughts in one place. Tuesday Rambling here we go!


  • I had the opportunity to spend a couple days with friends the past two days.  When you spend some extended time with people you can really get deeper into those relationships than you can in the course of day to day life.
  • I really think this principle applies in any relationship.

Customer Dis-satisfaction.

  • How do you handle it when you don’t get what you paid for? It can be a difficult thing.  I’ve never been too much on the end of having to handle customer complaints, but the people who are best known for it make people feel like they’re treated right. It’s just frustrating when it happens.
  • A challenge: when was the last time you were dis-satisfied? How did you handle it and for how long did it bother you?


  • There is a life of true contentment that we find in the cross of Jesus Christ.
  • When we truly allow forgiveness and humility to be dominant themes of our lives, we really start to change the filter through which we see others, and ourselves.
  • If you don’t believe in Jesus, please consider the truth that he died for your sin and rose from the dead so you can be filled with hope!


  • Do you have a view of things that can handle breakdowns?
  • Yes, sometimes people breakdown.  Relationships, conversations, etc. Are you able to look forward when trouble arises within friends, family, co-worker relationships, or do you get stuck?
  • Having a framework that looks forward through difficulty is very important and healthy.


  • Brandon Weeden should never play another game in the NFL, unless he’s backing someone up.
  • I hope the Cardinals win the World Series.  My prediction? Red Sox in 6 games.
  • Prediction: The Cavs will be a .500 team this year and make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference.

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