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Tuesday Rambling 10.21.14 – Ebola and Leadership, Value and Challenges of Remembering

Tuesday. Time to ramble.

Ebola and Leadership

  • People want to follow leaders who can explain decisions.
  • People want to follow leaders who show that they have their best in mind.
  • People want to follow leaders who appear well prepared.
  • No leader can be perfect all the time and people are forgiving in general.
  • I suspect the backlash against leaders in the wake of botched Ebola response is a combination of basic leadership failure and doesn’t show one tiny mis-step.
  • It appears that our government was overwhelmed at some key points about how to make basic, common sense decisions. Yikes.

Remembering – the Value and Challenges

  • Remembering the past helps you remember what God has done.
  • Remembering too much can prevent you from moving forward, as the past enslaves you.
  • Remembering well can lead to more informed decisions in the future.
  • Remembering poorly can lead to repeated mistakes and destructive patterns of thinking.
  • Remembering well shines the light on God.
  • Remembering (even good progress) with the wrong perspective can deceive us into thinking we’re the ones who are responsible for overcoming things in the past.
  • The encouragement: Forget what is behind. Move forward in life. Learn lessons. Rely on God’s grace. Give God all the glory.

Have a great Tuesday!

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