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Tuesday Rambling 10.20.15 – About Ohio State Football


Some truly rambling thoughts about Ohio State football.

  • Has frustration grown for you watching Ohio State’s football team this year?
  • First, ask: “How much of my identity revolves around the athletic performance of 18-22 year olds?”
  • Did you think, after the national title last year, that this year’s team would breeze to another title?
  • Did you feel entitled to a fall and early winter of easy glory?
  • This season can teach us a few things.
  • First, sports championships should be enjoyed way more than expected.
  • Can you enjoy what you truly have in life rather than looking forward to what’s next?
  • Second, do we recognize the uniqueness of each season?
  • This year’s team has different personnel. The offense shows progress. But the season is a process not an easily repeatable event.
  • Do our seasons of life and ministry take the same approach? Do we see each season as requiring special attention, with special purpose?
  • I might also point out that indecisiveness can hurt a team effort. A good portion of the season is gone, yet no clear vision for the most important position has emerged.

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