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Tuesday Rambling 10.13.15 – When You Set A Goal and Fail


So this past Sunday provided its share of disappointment. How about a little rambling?

  • The picture above shows great disappointment.
  • All summer long everything went right. Good miles, good health, good pace, great shape.
  • I made all of the typical sacrifices you’d have to make to get your body into peak shape. The goal to finally qualify for the Boston Marathon seemed within reach!
  • By the time Saturday morning had arrived, a brutal stomach illness had kept me up most of the night.
  • I felt a little better Saturday, so decided to give the race a shot Sunday morning.
  • The result? Just didn’t have it. Walked off the course at 17 miles, not willing to risk my health and certainly not in the need of the accomplishment of finishing another marathon.
  • Ya know what? This happens in life.
  • I could complain to God, screaming “Why!!!” the waste of time, energy, money? Why!
  • Or, I could realize that in 2015, I put my body in great physical shape and gave myself every chance to reach a goal I’ve always wanted to reach.
  • Sometimes it just doesn’t happen the way we think it should.
  • God is good all the time. I will never question that.

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