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Tuesday Rambling 10.1.13

First day of October already.  Yay fall.  Here are some scattered, rambling thoughts.

Upset Stomach

  • Is it hard to eat bland foods when you have an upset stomach? Sometimes I just rebel, like Sunday. I ate a big piece of leftover fried chicken in the afternoon when that morning I had an incredibly painful upset stomach.


  • I pray for it often.

Spiritual Growth

  • It’s just not going to happen on its own. I want to remain in the vine and bear fruit for Jesus.
  • It is hard to lead others to spiritual growth. Refer to the point about wisdom!


  • Browns win. Big win – the kind of game an AFC north team needs to win. Browns win!
  • I am ready for the post-season in baseball. It really is some of the most exciting and dramatic competition in professional sports.  Of course, I am biased!


  • It’s good to have a few days away with Jocelyn and grandma.  I’m glad Julie gets a break.

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