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Tuesday Rambling 1.9.18 – The Beauty of Genesis

I love reading through Genesis on the annual reading plan. Let me ramble about a few things.

  • God’s sovereignty shines through.
  • He loves people and hates sin. Big surprise!
  • He makes promises based in no way on the merit of human beings.
  • His promises endure despite the sinful bumbling of human beings.
  • And oh does that sinful bumbling shine through as well!
  • Abraham and Isaac both lie about their identity out of fear.
  • Jacob schemes in multiple ways. The story is difficult to fathom at times.
  • Jacob shows favoritism which leads to more family warfare and ultimately his years of trial in Genesis.
  • God directly intervenes and communicates.
  • His plan unfolds. It is NOT haphazard.
  • He affirms His promises.
  • He uses people despite personal sin and disobedience.
  • He uses people despite horrifically broken family patterns and sin.
  • Through it all, people respond at times with incredible faithfulness, boldly trusting God in total unknown and in ways that involve great personal risk.
  • This trite summary fails to cover many details.
  • Interested? Check it out. At just a few chapters a day you’ll be through the whole thing a few weeks. God is good.

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