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Tuesday Rambling 1.7.14 – Family Is Worth It!

The first Tuesday of 2014 doesn’t really bring anything new – just more rambling.  Here we go!


  • I have been thinking a lot about family lately. Efforts put into strengthening family relationships are never wasted.
  • Family relationships might prove hardest to invest in simply because investment carries a high level of risk. It’s easy to distance yourself from a co-worker, but family? Much harder.
  • At the end of life, most people aren’t lamenting their failed relationships in the social group, but many have regrets regarding family.
  • Parents and children have the opportunity for rich relationships if those relationships are soaked in the Gospel and in Scriptural truth!


  • I hope your Christmas was every bit about the birth of Jesus Christ. He came into this world to show us God’s free gift of salvation.
  • What was your favorite gift given or received? Will it be treasured in 3 years?
  • How does the length of time we treasure gifts compare to what God did for us?

New Year’s

  • New Year’s is not something entirely that exciting to me. I do reflect a bit during the season, but . . .
  • Mostly, I like New Year’s because there’s a lot of football to watch, and . . .
  • That will increase next year with the new college football playoff and bowl format.


  • Are there specific things you want to accomplish in the New Year? What plans will it take for those things to come about?
  • Many don’t attempt new things or make goals because they fear failure or get overwhelmed in the details.  If you’re moving forward, do so with boldness, accountability, and a willingness to fail.
  • Finally, be sure to submit plans for life, family, ministry to the Lord – our best plans are worthless if they’re not His plans for us! We want to be as ready as possible to recognize the plans He has for us!

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