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Tuesday Rambling 1.5.16 – I Hope 2016 Is Better


It’s now the first Tuesday of 2016. I’m still a rambling’ man.

  • I hope 2016 is better.
  • But really, what does that mean?
  • I will develop some more complete thoughts regarding last year later this week.
  • But really everything I can identify that I want to go better has little to do with me.
  • It’s about everything else going wrong.
  • A lot went wrong in 2015, so I want 2016 to be better so not as much goes wrong.
  • And…who’s in charge of that?
  • Hmmm…I want a better year in 2016 so I don’t have to endure things beyond my control.
  • Well, that’s brutal. Yeah, pretty selfish too.
  • Maybe God will use all that disappointment to bring growth.
  • Instead of “I want better” I should say “I’m ready for whatever God brings.”
  • What a big difference between those two statements!
  • Lord, help me see what you have, rather than focusing on what I want.

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