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Tuesday Rambling 1.31.17 – Questions to Ask Yourself About Refugees

Good Tuesday morning. Today I am re-posting the content from an article I wrote in November 2015. Then I’ll add some fresh rambling at the bottom.

Questions to ask yourself about refugees:

  • Am I aware of what the Bible says about refugees? What Biblical texts will I use to form my views on what I think should happen?
  • How do my desires as a believer compete with my love of country?
  • What is the proper balance between fear of what might happen and my call as a believer to minister despite potential risk?
  • Am I willing to listen to anyone (especially fellow believers) who has a different point of view than mine?
  • Is the potential loss of my life in a terror attack the worst thing that could happen if believers were ministering to and the Spirit was converting many refugees?
  • Do I have a proper and historical understanding of the loss of life as it relates to the advancement of God’s kingdom?
  • What is the proper balance between compassion, security, fear, and love?
  • Is it somehow “unChristian” to NOT want to be blown up? (credit Kevin DeYoung from 2015 for this one).
  • How much is fear driving my view of this situation?
  • Do I trust God’s sovereignty over the sovereignty of a nation or nations right now?

Added 1-31-17:

  • Do I think President Trump’s sovereignty trumps God’s?
  • Do I have a healthy balance between theology and action?
  • Do I BOTH have Gospel-rooted beliefs about refugees AND stand ready to care for them?
  • Which is more important: standing for truth or opposing the president?
  • Do I REALLY know the facts about President Trump’s travel ban?

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