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Tuesday Rambling 1.3.17 – Trusting God’s Word

Tuesday means rambling time.

  • As a believer in Jesus Christ, I take my cues from the Bible.
  • I believe the Bible contains God’s Word.
  • I believe God intervened in the lives of humans who wrote the truth down, thus bringing His Word for us to have and know.
  • Many view Bible believing Christians as arrogant. Not so.
  • Instead, my view of Scripture puts me in a position of submission.
  • I believe most of our problems come due to a lack of trust in God’s Word.
  • Beginning to read through the Bible again as a new year dawns leads one through Genesis.
  • There we find out humans thought they knew better than God.
  • 100% of our problems as human beings come as a result of a lack of trusting God with our lives.
  • If God is God, He deserves our trust in all areas. The Word of God certainly speaks to all areas of our lives.
  • The question: do we listen and obey?
  • No, I don’t know better than God. I need His help, wisdom, and leading.
  • I hope this challenges you to renew your thinking about and trust in God’s Word in 2017!

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