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Tuesday Rambling 1.23.18 – Justice and the Interests of Others

Tuesday Rambling about justice:

  • To truly understand justice, we must see things from perspectives besides our own.
  • These questions will come in the first person. I must include myself in evaluating these things!
  • Why does justice demand the view of another’s perspective?
  • Philippians 2:4: Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.
  • Christ looked to our interests to bring justice for our souls. Thus, understanding justice in our world demands we see others’ viewpoint.
  • How can we do this effectively?
  • Can we see through a lense of mercy in various situations?
  • Does even admitting the existence of injustice present difficulty for us?
  • Do we have information to evaluate situations in our culture from a variety of cultural perspectives, rather than tunneling into our own perspective and fussing that others don’t agree?
  • Do we have relationships in our communities with people from various backgrounds, races, ethnicities? Or with those affected directly by injustice?
  • Do we understand how political issues affect anyone besides ourselves?
  • Do we start with a desire to help someone in a difficult situation before we judge how they got there?
  • Do we understand that James, in warning against attitudes of favoritism, warned believers against setting themselves up as judges while challenging them to see that mercy triumphs over judgment? (James 2:13)
  • Does our household budget show mercy?
  • As believers, do we value mercy to the point of personally sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others in need?
  • I hope these questions will form your thinking on issues of justice and mercy and give you some potential places of action. May the Holy Spirit lead and empower!

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