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Tuesday Rambling 1.21.14 – Ways To Affirm Life, and a Financial Quote

Time to throw some thoughts about.

The Weekend

  • Football, Sanctity of Human Life, or Martin Luther King Jr: Which is most important?
  • Seriously, do you ever wish some of the truly important things would generate more discussion, rather than the latest mistake by a professional athlete? Speaking of . . .

Sanctity of Human Life

  • In 2013, I was called “offensive” for suggesting that life begins at conception.
  • If the child in the womb has brain waves, can feel pain, has a heartbeat, all within the first trimester, isn’t it really a child?
  • Further, if the only way a baby in a womb comes about is by a strictly human process using uniquely human cells, how can it be anything but a human?
  • Ways to affirm life: call your representatives and tell them your views; encourage pregnancy center workers with calls, emails, or lunch; develop a relationship with an elderly shut-in person; open your home for foster-care or adoption; pray for those opposed to God’s plans!

This Came Out of My Mouth Today – a Financial Quote:

  • It is much harder to put yourself into financial discipline than it is to reason your way into debt.

What Makes Your Faith Tick?

  • For me, one of the things that generates the most energy in my relationship with Christ is seeing brand new Christians and intentional growth from other Christians.
  • There is no substitute for seeing people genuinely respond to God’s movement in their lives.

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