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Tuesday Rambling 1.20.15 – Struggling to Pray


Tuesday has arrived once again. Today’s topic, I suspect, relates to most of us. Can you relate?

Ready, set, ramble.

Struggling to pray

  • I’m not afraid to admit that satisfaction in my prayer life is lacking.
  • I could pray for several hours a day and still probably say the same thing.
  • So, the “feeling” of struggling has little to do with time.
  • Instead, let me focus on approach.
  • Do you ever wonder how God hears prayers when the universe’s size and sheer volume of people seem to overwhelm the possibility?
  • I seem so small compared to God’s enormous stature!
  • Adequate time proves another daunting challenge.
  • So many demands press into the available time in the average day.
  • If I had more time, would God answer more prayers?
  • The answer to this lies in my heart and yours. Scripturally, we know the Spirit groans when we can’t put our requests into words.
  • Go to God, tell Him your heart. Praise Him, plead with Him, you have not because you ask not.
  • If we know even a bit about prayer, we know this!
  • But even evaluating the heart presents challenges.
  • I’m not writing this to whine. I desire a more fruitful and deeper prayer life. So, I’ll continue to seek God based on what Scripture says. And I’ll do what anyone seeking to grow MUST do: I’ll even ask Him to help me pray more and more effectively, relying on His grace!

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