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Tuesday Rambling 1.16.18 – Looking Again at the Exodus

For this Tuesday, a bit of rambling about the Exodus:

  • Yes, this story lands at the top of my favorites list.
  • Think about the elements of what happens.
  • God – completely sovereign in the life of a leader (Moses).
  • God – completely sovereign over human government (Pharaoh).
  • God – passionate about the way He is worshiped.
  • The worship commanded of the newly free Israelites gave a glimpse of heavenly worship.
  • God brought this entire event about over the period of hundreds of years. He kept His promises!
  • God brought his people freedom.
  • They rejected freedom and wanted to return to their more comfortable ways.
  • Blood present as a powerful sign of freedom.
  • Despite a wonderful miracle, many died in disbelief in the desert.
  • Despite ten supernatural plagues, Pharaoh did not believe.
  • Human fear revealed and overcome: “Do not be afraid. Stand firm…”
  • I heard it said: it didn’t take forty years to get the people out of Egypt, it took forty years to get Egypt out of the people.
  • Can we relate?
  • How has God set you free? How do you resist? To what Egypt do you long to return?
  • Do you lead? Do you feel inadequate? Can you hear the words ring out from Exodus 3: I Am Who I Am.


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