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Tuesday Rambling 1.14.14 – Maximum Faith, Alex Rodriguez, Obamacare

Maybe I was born a rambling’ man . . . it’s Tuesday! Here is a loose collection of thoughts – the usual Tuesday format.

Maximum Faith

  • I am growing into a way of thinking through life that helps me understand that there are maximum outcomes for God’s glory in each situation that comes my way.
  • By contrast, wrong-headed (sinful) thinking can minimize the outcome of situations for God’s glory.
  • It takes effort, but I am praying I will be able to evaluate each situation, whether positive or negative, in order to maximize God’s glory in my life and in the life of those for whom I care.


  • I realize baseball is insignificant, but the Alex Rodriguez fiasco is very fascinating to me.
  • I cannot understand how he can be so blinded. If he would have made a deal in the spring last year and admitted some measure of involvement in the scandal, he would have served his suspension by now and been ready to go by this spring.
  • A major lesson: lies spiral.


  • This law is proving to be very problematic. There aren’t too many people on either side of the political spectrum denying that this should have been thought through a little more.
  • Maybe there’s a lesson here that large pieces of legislation shouldn’t be rammed through until they can be thought through.
  • Regarding the law itself, I like a lot of the basic premises. I simply don’t believe that it should be the government’s place to force things upon people. I’ve always thought communities can do a good job of taking care of the needy among them. With less federal taxes, it would free local folks to form the proper initiatives to care for their own.


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