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Tuesday Rambling 1.10.17 – Complete, Total, Rambling

Total Rambling. On Tuesday, what else might you expect?

  • Go Clemson! Not the best game ever, but hard fought and nice to see Alabama lose.
  • Woke up to a “no school” day today. I always think of and pray for those seriously inconvenienced by a sudden day of no school. Know a snow day instantly puts kids in Akron at risk for safety (perhaps staying home too young) or food (for many schools provide the only meals they get).
  • Meryl Streep – her words at the Golden Globes show what is wrong with our culture. Differences no longer represent different ways of thinking, they represent divisions which breed a condescending attitude to those with whom you disagree.
  • More on Streep: listen I don’t watch MMA as it’s just not my thing. But I’m not going to make categoric statements about those who do. President-elect Trump may not have my personal support or enthusiasm, but it doesn’t mean I won’t pray for him, hope he will grow in obvious areas of weakness, and serve us as well as he can.
  • Think about what your “disagreements” do to your approach to those with whom you have difference.
  • Have you blown your resolution already? God’s grace can prevail. But why not try again, especially in pursuit of worthy goals or improvements?
  • When it comes to resolving to change, the fruit of the Spirit is perseverance!
  • Has the excitement of the new gadget from Christmas worn off? If it hasn’t, it will at some point. Give thanks to God this morning for all He’s done! Giving thanks will prevent our emotions from dictating our outlook.
  • Sin. It plagues me. It plagues all humans. God Himself has made the sacrifice for our sin. If you never have, the Bible tells us we can approach God’s throne with confidence because of Jesus’ sacrifice. Wow! Come to Jesus and seek forgiveness. He will grant it. Don’t delay!

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