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Top “Think and Act” Articles I Wrote in 2015


With no delay, I will share the top articles I wrote in 2015:

Bonus from 2014. One of the highest clicked links on my blog all year was an article I wrote at the end of 2014. The title: Veggie Tales vs. The Football Game.

5. Scott Scarborough is a real person.

The president of the University of Akron has, shall we say, taken some serious heat this year. But one moment later in 2015 made me think: he is a real person!

4. A “quickblog” on what I learned at a local Stop the Violence rally.

I’ve been inspired by the people who believe in stopping the violence. Their resolves contributes greatly to our community.

3. What do you when you’re criticized?

No one likes to receive criticism. But, it happens. Have you thought about how you handle it?

2. Why are Christians so mean?

This article came in response to the WCRF morning show discussion regarding an article asking the same question. Both the article and the discussion provided great food for thought.

1. How do you think about your neighborhood?

I’m still very much challenged by the material and questions that make up this article.

Read one. Read them all. THINK. ACT!

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