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Think and Act 9.7.16 – NBC, The Ark Encounter, and Bill Nye


In case you didn’t hear yet, a Christian group called Answers in Genesis opened a life-size Ark Encounter in Kentucky in July.

Think a bit with me. A title of “Think and Act” might lend itself to that, yes?

1. NBC covered the opening of the attraction.

Well, good for them. The attraction, site, and opening certainly proved newsworthy. Any attraction capable of drawing thousands upon thousands of visitors in its opening weeks should make the news.


See the spot on NBC News here.

2. What about the opposition?

After the story aired, this site complained that not even a soundbite from the opposition made the telecast. In all honesty, looking at this from a simple presentation of the news, they may have a point. If an atheist attraction drew thousands and thousands, received national news coverage, and viewers heard not a single believer’s voice of opposition, I’d assume creation supporters may feel slighted.

3. NBC eventually aired Bill Nye’s disagreement. 

Check it out here.

Some points in the article actually give an accurate presentation of the “young earth” creation viewpoint. Hey, at least the clearly explained viewpoint made a national news source.

What I hope spurs thought lies in how NBC presented opposing thoughts. I don’t have time to pick apart the way this comes across, so I’ll highlight one sentence:

“Scientists, however, say there’s no evidence to suggest an epic, worldwide flood occurred within the past 6,000 years.” This sentence comes directly after one explaining some scientists remain open to a global flood event. “Scientists” really means the kind of scientists who agree with Bill Nye.

In reality, many high level scientists believe in a young earth and their presentation of rational evidence can be found at

4. A respectful exchange.

Nye gives a good example here of how we should disagree in our culture. He showed up, took the tour, and avoided a public opportunity to shout down his opponent. I don’t agree with his beliefs and I wonder why believers teaching their children their beliefs bothers him so much, but I appreciate how he conducted himself in public toward someone with whom he obviously has little intellectual common ground.

I wonder how many believers would do the same at a blatantly atheist exhibit covered by the news.

Think. How do you process coverage of opposition to believers’ viewpoints?

Act. Act in love, listen to understand, show respect, and pray for opportunities to speak the truth!

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