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Think and Act 9.4.13 – Do You Want To Stay Spiritually Shallow? Do These Four Things

Raise your hand if you want to be spiritually shallow.  Not many of us would put our hands up for that one.

But, sometimes it doesn’t seem like we do too much to intentionally to spur our growth. I hope you DO desire growth and would want to avoid these things.  But in case not, here are four things to do if you want to stay spiritually shallow.

1. Limit your experiences with God to short intervals.

This, after all, is how people grow in life and accomplish things.  Want to run a marathon? A few minutes a day will be perfect.  Going to write that Master’s thesis? You could probably type it out on your smartphone over a few weeks of visits to the toilet. I couldn’t tell you how many people I know who have achieved significant things in their lives by really only devoting a few bursts of time here and there to what they were trying to accomplish.

2. Spend your time on Facebook comparing your life to others.

This is a great tactic for spiritual worthlessness.  If you can spend hours comparing your life to everyone else’s, then the depth of the worth you have in God’s eyes will stay puny! And you’ll never have to worry about increasing your knowledge of God’s real identity for you because you’ll be so wrapped in comparing your life to everyone else’s virtual tidbits of what they pick and choose to post!

3. Never go out of your way to serve anyone.

After all, Jesus couldn’t have been serious when He taught that gaining respect and authority come through serving, could He? And if He meant we were supposed to serve, then it certainly had to be doing something we liked. Go for that couch and potato chips ministry! There more you sit on the couch and eat your favorite food, the less bothered you will be by everyone’s problems!

4. Only think about God in church, whenever you decide to go.

Staying spiritually shallow is as easy as joining the church club and doing only the church things. There are so many other things that matter anyway. There’s that extra work email to be sent, catching up on the box scores, and what would life be without staying glued to the T.V. to find out which $500,000 home those people bought in Costa Rica out of the three options they were given? If you thought about your faith outside church, it would take away from too many other very important things. Surely, you’d never want to do that!

Wink, wink.

Think. I’m sure you don’t intentionally stifle your growth, but what things in your life do put up barriers?

Act. Communicate with others about how to knock those barriers aside and serve God more fully!


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