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Think and Act 9.3.15 – “What If?” Instead Of “What Next?”


Tonight, I wonder how you think of reality. If you focus on the media’s version of events, you will inevitably gain a negatively colored view of the world.

I want to challenge you to at least think (this is a think and act post, after all) about the difference between the two questions “what if?” and “what next?”.

A lot of people seem trapped in “What next”?

Another shooting numbs us; another cop murdered by thugs or a lunatic saddens us; another child kidnapped scares us; or another “shocking” crime doesn’t quite seem to shock us the way it once did.

In all of these events, if we get sucked into them all through media accounts, we can very easily take a “what next?” view of the world. And we might well assume that we’re next. And we might well think our mission is to protect ourselves from all the harm that may come our way.

I’m not against self defense, protection, or events saddening us. I’m urging caution regarding our attitudes. When, if ever, do we ask: what if?

Truth is, the Bible is full of events that changed drastically literally in a day’s time or less.

  • What if world governments changed like they did in Daniel?
  • What if revival starts like it did with Saul’s conversion?
  • What if a king leads a rebellious nation to repentance because of someone’s preaching?
  • What if someone hopelessly entrenched in evil comes to Christ like the demoniac?
  • What if Pastor Saeed and other prison-bound Christians find favor like Joseph?

Two challenging “what if’s”:

  • What if we’re so limited in our approach to the Bible we don’t think or pray that these types of things happen anymore?
  • What if we’re so busy worrying about “what next” that we don’t care about the “what if’s” God may have in store?

Think. Do you spend more time fearing “what next” or pleading for God to move with a spirit of “what if”?

Act. Ask God to change your outlook. Let the decay of the world lead you to praise God who will return with the most glorious “what next” we could ever imagine. “What if” it were today?


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