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Think and Act 9.17.14 – Our Daughter’s 5-Day Hospital Stay

Last month we were totally caught off guard by an illness that required a hospital stay of the better part of five days. For me personally, it was a learning experience. I’d like to share a few things about it.

1. We should always praise God for the level of care available.

In the U.S., the level of medical care is truly phenomenal. Our daughter was first admitted to the P.I.C.U. at our local Children’s Hospital. In that unit, she was on a constant flow of albuterol to aid her breathing. That a bed, medicine, and nursing care were all readily available are things that should NOT be taken for granted.

2. It was humbling to receive support.

From friends who visited and texted to friends and family who provided food and other support, it was humbling. I’m used to being a support to people during difficult times, so to be on the receiving end was definitely a different experience.

The power in this, however, is that this is what the body of Christ is all about. We should be there for each other and should have some measure of comfort allowing brothers and sisters to carry us.

3. I was totally out of control.

I will tell the occasional joke about liking to be in control, but I really do like to be able to understand and plan. The fact she was in the hospital took us totally by surprise, the illness developing very rapidly. The length of time she was in the hospital was much longer than we or the doctors anticipated. We had to rely completely on doctors and medical personnel to tell us about the health of our daughter. This is not a knock on the care provided, but we were doubly out of control because we didn’t know and the doctors really didn’t either.

4. We love our kids and family. 

The way every parent loves their kids is somewhat different. It was a powerful reminder, seeing our child in a hospital bed, of how much we love each of our kids. A time of crisis can bring you closer together or make divisions stand out more. For me personally it accentuated the strength of our marriage and family, and I praise God for that.

Think. Does crisis bring out positive things in you and your faith? (James 1:1)

Act. It’s rare to escape trial altogether. Instead, prepare for it and have a realistic mindset for how you can best respond.

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