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Think and Act 8.7.13 – WKYC Channel 3 Says Women & Children Are Being Discarded Like Trash. Here’s Why.

Think about this short blog from WKYC Channel 3 in Cleveland:

The basic point is that women and children in Cleveland have been discarded like trash.

There’s nothing wrong about that statement.  It is very true that there have been some horrific things happening in Cleveland.  By no means do I mean to disrespect anyone who’s suffered as a result of these crimes.  But, as they are pretty close to home, it should make us think.


I would like to suggest that these are the sorts of things we will continue to see as long as we don’t value life.  The media mock Christians who teach children that God has created them with a special identity.  Some people who teach God’s special creation are even accused of child abuse. Evolution, the opposing viewpoint, says life is merely a chance happening of cell mutations.  The two are at odds.  But let me ask this: which has a more positive view of life?

When culture is bent on everyone determining what is right in their own eyes (a “your truth is good for you and mine is good for me” sort of atmosphere) moral standards will erode.  At that point, morality becomes convenient, its framework determined generally by who gets the loudest voice (or which group the media loves the most). Gut-wrenchingly, women and children will be discarded like trash. Other atrocities will happen.  People will be sad, and wonder what is going on. And we will pray for a return to godly principles regarding life.

The bottom line? I truly believe the negative portrayal of Christianity and creation WILL lead people to value life less. I believe this is happening around us.


Believers are not people without responsibility and action to take.

If you believe in the Bible, press hard to teach children and adults that they are created as unique individuals by God who knit them together in their mother’s womb.  Research the credibility of Scripture (it’s very good compared to other manuscripts from that time period) which makes such claims.  Teach young boys and men you know the truth of how precious women are.  Reveal the lies of hip hop and rap music which treat women like sexual objects, devaluing their worth in the ears (and eventually the hearts) of listeners. Take responsibility for the content of media that’s consumed in your home.

If you don’t believe in creation, or more importantly who Jesus is, look into it.  Ask questions, do your homework. God has revealed Himself and can be found.  Just don’t mock it, because one day there may be a Christian ready to love you when a godless society has hurt you in some way.

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