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Think and Act 8.28.13 – Three Parental Concerns As School Resumes

Yeah, it’s the first day of school.  With two kids going back today and a preschooler headed to school next week, I might have something to say.  Yes, but not so fast.

This is not just your “daddy’s emotional or glad the kids are gone and life is back to normal” post.  This is think and act. So, let’s do that and apply it to the start of school.

Let me take a route you might not normally think of when it comes to school starting up.  Here are three concerns parents should have as their kids head back to school.

1. Spiritual protection.

Our kids go to public schools (at this point). I know it is possible for children of believing families to thrive at public schools. I also know it is possible for those same kids to regress, the pressures of life and culture proving to be too much. So, I pray for spiritual protection.

This relates to peer pressure – obviously.  This also relates, however, to educational and self esteem pressure.  At some point, the things you’re taught will conflict with the Christian’s viewpoint on things.  I pray that our children will be able to handle any conflicting “educational” situation with grace and humility, remembering their identity in Christ and their foundation in God’s Word. Ultimately, an identity in Christ is more important than academic identity.

2. Physical protection.

Yes, I pray for physical protection. I regularly keep in touch with a pastor in the Newtown, CT area. I do so as a way to show concern in a situation I don’t understand, and to have a human face on my prayers. Do you think the folks there could teach us something about praying for physical protection?

I don’t want to take any child’s physical safety for granted.  I pray for wisdom for all administrators, teachers, and those in school security.

3. My own selfishness.

This is a big one.  I enjoy routine, and life is more routine when the kids are in school.  But, there’s a lurking selfishness that I know I have to watch. I don’t WANT to be comforted that our kids are gone for about 7 hours a day. I WANT to make the most of my opportunities while they’re in school, and the most with the time we have with them at home as well. This is a balance that must be struck, and it has NOTHING to do with what I want.

Think. How does the routine of school challenge you?

Act. Pray like crazy for your kids and others’. Make intentional decisions to maximize the time your family has together.


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