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Think and Act 8.27.14 – As School Begins

Tomorrow is the first day of school in Akron. I know many other districts (most?) have already started. Naturally, as a parent a few things come to mind.

1. If we’re like anyone else, structure is a struggle.

I pray for the structure kids and families need to balance projects, activities, important dates.

2. Their best will always be enough.

I simply want them to do their best. They don’t need to live up to my standards. They don’t need pressure from their parents added on to the many other burdens kids today must carry.

Independent living will require them to prioritize, make decisions, and meet deadlines. We will do our best to simply help them work toward that goal according to their level of development and ability.

3. I will pray daily for the safety of our schools and for those in leadership.

I desire God’s peace in my community. I desire peaceful schools. I pray that people in our local schools will work for peaceful conflict resolution and peaceful environments for students to learn.

The Bible commands us to pray for those in authority. Principals, teachers, school board, and the superintendent are in need of prayer. They must exercise wisdom every day in resolving disputes, developing relationships, and making short and long term plans.

Think. What do you think about school starting? Is how you think about school dependent on whether you have kids in school or not?

Act. Find a meaningful way to pray for or support some aspect of the important process of education.


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