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Think and Act 8.26.15 – Longtime Christian Friends



Tuesday we gathered to celebrate Jerry’s 40th birthday. I’m not there yet! Later this year we will celebrate Craig’s 50th birthday. Our friend Brett turned 50 last year. Next year I’ll be 40, Brad will get closer, and Ryan…well doesn’t he look good with all that hair?

I’m sure these guys wouldn’t mind me writing a blog post about them. We’re friends, and we’ve been friends for a long time. As best I can remember, the six of us in some way shape or form have met together on Tuesday mornings for ten years, maybe more.

Of course I have other friends, and I don’t mean to slight any of them in this post. Pictures sometimes make me think. So, let me present a loose collection of thoughts about longtime Christian friends.

1. We’re committed.

Friendship takes commitment. Anything in your journey with Christ takes commitment. Don’t expect otherwise. Commitment means hard work, and gritty conversations. It means discomfort and hard times. Did I say we’re committed?

We spend time together. Not just on Tuesdays. We spend time a couple times per year out of town and away from our families. We have fun and simply share life. We each get a free breakfast from each other at IHOP (or a round of golf!) on our birthday. But that takes commitment.

2. We don’t agree on everything. We count that a strength.

Well, at least I count it a strength. I can say I have learned A LOT from these guys. And much of what I’ve learned comes from realizing they don’t do things the way I do and don’t believe exactly as I do. That’s not easy, and sometimes we (I?) get a little riled up as we work through things.

We know how to forgive if necessary, move forward, communicate well, and do so honestly. Did I mentioned we’re committed?

3. We support each other.

Whatever member of our group is going through trial, he can be sure the prayer and encouraging texts will come. We’ve traveled through many seasons of life and ministry. Do you think we stop and think about our disagreements when our kids have struggles, when the trials of ministry weigh heavily on us, or when we’re in a season of sickness or loss?

I bet you know what that takes. That’s right, commitment.

Think. Do you benefit from long term Christian friendships?

Act. Let your friends know you’re thankful for them. Enjoy the benefit of committing to people through seasons of life. And, risk the hurt that may come when those relationships change. I guarantee the joy will outweigh the hurt.



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