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Think and Act 8.14.13 – I Got Upset With A Customer Service Phone Rep Today

Today it took me literally five minutes to confirm a service appointment. As in, I agreed with the time offered for the appointment and it still took five minutes. A simple “yes” should have gotten the job done.

It would have been like signing for a package and then the driver takes five minutes to process the signature. Grrr.

I’m sure we’ve all been frustrated with someone from customer service, so how about thinking through it? How about a few thoughts to rattle the brain and jolt the soul?.

1. It’s a real person. Maybe she was dealing with something difficult in her life and just couldn’t focus. It’s very helpful to think of people deeper than your initial interaction. That is, unless you want everyone to judge you based on their initial interaction with you?

2. Gasp! Maybe I was the one who wasn’t communicating well!?!?!?

3. Impatience is never justified. Although I do think I treated the woman respectfully, the Bible says the fruit of the Spirit is patience. Asking God to have full reign in my life is the only option I have as a believer, so the real response in those situations is to ask God to increase my ability to handle it in a way that helps bring Him glory.

Think. Anything helpful here? Are you thinking about how God can help you when you want to lose it with someone!

Act. Dare I say as we mature in Christ we should handle these things better by the power of the Holy Spirit?


  1. Ryan Lee Roupe says:

    I’ve gotten frustrated with the automated machines..

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