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Think and Act 7.8.15 – Sundays and Smartphones


It’s tempting to just do one big fat rant about smartphones. I’d love to fill up this space many times over with how smartphones change life for the worse (including my life).

But tonight, I’ll focus. Right after I reply to this text…and back (ok, that was fake).

I’ll focus on a specific topic: smartphones and Sundays. Before I begin, how about a couple of clarifications?

First, this is not really about the local church I serve. It’s not really about those I serve alongside. It’s about a concept: connecting with God. So here goes:

1. Is there a day in your life set aside primarily for worship?

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, I’d like to argue there should be. Before we even talk about smartphones, let me challenge the concept that a day of each week should look radically different for believers. I think that should include gathering publicly with other believers for worship, and regularly should include additional fellowship. The idea of a Sabbath is another point for another day, but one to think through.

2. If you set aside a day for worship (or part of a day), what is the point?

Maybe you’re forced to go to church. Maybe you gather out of habit or total drudgery.

Maybe you go to give praise to Almighty God with other believers and look forward to hearing His Word.

If you gather with other believers on Sunday or another day, may I politely ask why?

If you can answer that connecting with God makes the upper part of your list of reasons for doing so, read on. If not, do some hard work considering why you attend these gatherings in the first place.

3. If seeking to connect with God is why we gather . . . 

Do we need social media during that time? Do we need the news during that time? Do we need the latest sports updates or articles during that time? Do we even need Google during that time?

The picture on Instagram of your friend’s dress, the tweet about last night’s game, the Facebook post about how so and so embarrassed themselves – does it, might it, hinder us from seeking God and supporting others?

My fear for the Church (big “C”, not small “c” as in our church) is that God’s Word and the presence of believers somehow fails to satisfy. What on earth is our smartphone going to do for us that God and other believers (real, live, in the flesh people) can’t?

4. I’m not going to tell you what I do.

Certainly, it’s an issue I’ve sought to minimize. I’m mainly sharing from frustration of my smartphone’s ability to interrupt my Sunday.

But if you’re looking for a legalistic set of how many times you can pull it out of your pocket and still love Jesus, you’re asking the wrong guy. I’m not even going to tell you the commitments I’ve arrived at in my heart for smart phone use on Sundays.

I want to challenge you to look in your heart, not follow my rules. Are you fully focused and ready to worship God when you gather? Do you hunger for His Word? Do you seek out others to support, encourage, or pray? Do you beg God to save souls and bring about repentance as you gather?

These heart conditions all describe aspects of Biblical worship. I’m not going to tell you what to do, I’m going to challenge your heart.

Think. How much is your smartphone a part of your worship gathering time? Have you thought about how a phone can distract you from focusing on God and others? How could you replace time spent on your phone on days of gatherings?

Act. Make a commitment. Ask God to increase your focus on these gatherings. Know the Spirit can move and seek to eliminate any distractions. Best yet? If you’ve sinned by looking to an idol for satisfaction, repent and ask God to teach you weekly in gatherings and in daily life that Jesus alone is the bread of life who will satisfy.


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