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Think and Act 7.24.13 – Financial Sacrifice – Needs Vs. Wants

As a believer using money, sacrifice is a huge concept. It takes sacrifice to worship God through giving, and it takes sacrifice to know and provide for needs before wants.

Now, a few words about the things we want. Two main concepts:

1. Wants are not wrong.

It is simply not wrong to want an ice cream cone, a special meal, a trip, an outfit, car, or anything else. The trouble comes when we put these things above Jesus in our affections.

Do you daydream about wants? Does a hunger for a new device or seeing a new movie distract you from God’s Word, or living out your purpose as a Christian? If so, you are in the wrong territory with your wants.

Otherwise, if you have ordered your priorities to honor God in your giving and provide and maintain the things you (and your family) need, then by all means enjoy something you want from time to time. And, be sure to praise God for it!

2. Wants should not become idols.

The Bible clearly shows that idols will NEVER satisfy us. In fact, they will leave us empty and we will become like them.

I struggle with sports. I love baseball especially. I want my team to win a championship! I stay up on my team and follow their games each day.

When my affections are stirred more by a come from behind win than the salvation of someone I’m praying for, I am worshiping an idol. When I spend more time and money on baseball than investing in God’s work, I am in danger of believing that baseball can satisfy me more than Jesus.

Anything that satisfies us more than Jesus is our idol. When wants become idols, our soul is in danger of hardening to the things of God.

Think: What wants have you inadvertently worshiped?

Act: What bold steps can you take to diminish the light they bring to your life, leaving Christ as the brighter light?

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