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Think and Act 7.10.13 – The Financial Principal of Sacrifice

Sacrifice is a huge financial principle. Let me run down a few thoughts.

Sacrifice is at the core of personal finance. At the base of handling money is sacrificing the concept that it’s ours. If you’re a believer in Jesus, money is God’s and you take care of it for Him.

It takes sacrifice to honor God. You have to NOT spend for things you want so you can bless others, and give back to Him.

You have to sacrifice your wants for your needs.

You have to sacrifice the short term rush for the long term satisfaction and stability.

You have to sacrifice spending to save.

In order to be financially healthy, it takes a lot of sacrifice.

Jesus sacrificed for us, and we sacrifice as we seek to worship Him with our money.

Otherwise you will sacrifice any chance at long term stability in exchange for short term pleasure. And you might sacrifice your soul in the process.

Question: where are you most challenged by this concept and what will you do about it?

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