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Think and Act 4.6.16 – Challenging the “Us vs. Them” Culture


Us vs. Them. Let me define the term, since I kind of made it up. What I mean by “us vs. them” is this idea that in order to support someone or something we must demonize the other side. The prevalence of this thinking in society (politics, churches, etc.), I think, not only threatens to splinter the nation but local communities as well.

Challenging questions as you think about your involvement:

  1. Can you say anything respectful about a candidate who won’t get your vote?
  2. Could you imagine a scenario where those eager to serve and lose an election could still benefit society – either locally or on larger levels?
  3. How do you view other churches? If you have somehow believed a mindset of “our church vs. the world”, you’ve believed lies. Instead, try “our church with other churches for the world”.
  4. How important is it to know why you don’t attend another church, or why you disagree with its leader? How important is it to tell others about your “differences”?
  5. Will you risk a relationship with a neighbor or a friend over politics or church affiliation?
  6. How does this phrase from I Cor. 13:7 inform your belief about people with whom you disagree: “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things”?
  7. When was the last time you believed or passed on things about people, issues, or candidates without any way to really verify them?
  8. Have you ever held a conversation with anyone you would be uncomfortable around based on things you heard about them?
  9. Would you pray for someone you seriously dislike?
  10. If you thought someone had motives to harm, would you pray for them?

I ask questions like these to remind that “the enemy” always represents a real human being, made in God’s image, often with strong desires to benefit society. At the very least, as believers let me ask you to pray for the salvation of those you view as opponents (if indeed they have not committed to Christ yet).

Think. How difficult do you find it to hope for the good of those with whom you disagree?

Act. Try simply starting with prayer, or if possible, a basic conversation. Totally radical! Try a simple conversation with a human being? At the very least it will help you think and pray.

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