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Think and Act 3.19.14 – What I Can Learn from the Cleveland Browns

This should be interesting, right?

Here are three things I can learn from the Cleveland Browns.

1. They look bad nationally because they don’t appear to have a plan. I should have a plan.

As much as our society values change, this is not the kind of change that attracts people. The Browns’ changes don’t follow an organizational pattern of thinking.

People struggle when there is constant change. Some measure of stability and clear communication about plans are helpful. If the Browns suffer from lack of a unified plan, then I should be striving to develop plans in various areas of my life. These plans should energize others.

2. A few star players can’t carry a team.

It may surprise you to hear the Browns had six Pro Bowl players this year.

The Bible is clear that the body of Christ needs ALL parts to function well. As nice as it was to see Josh Gordon torch some defenses this year, it didn’t lead to more wins.

I can’t rely on just the strongest people or relationships – I have to be aware that lots of people are needed to function well within their abilities. I should be challenged to glorify God by seeking out lots of contributions from lots of people.

3. Hope shouldn’t be limited to a few times per year.

The Browns generate excitement in free agency and the draft. The first month of the season is usually fairly exciting. But this isn’t consistent hope.

The same dynamic exists as a spiritual leader. I don’t want people to think Jesus is really exciting at Christmas, Easter, and maybe a missions trip. It takes intentionality, sustained energy, dogged discipline, and encouraging others during struggle in order to model living for Christ day in and day out.

Think. Do you look for lessons in weird places?

Act. Go do whatever you do better than the Cleveland Browns do!

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